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South Pacific Educational Courses Ltd Carolyn Baines (Director) Curriculum Development &  Quality Assurance Manager

SPEC programmes provide an exciting  ‘Personalised Learning’ pathway ensuring every student has

relevant and meaningful learning opportunities. The programmes support inclusion principles, and have a

focus on the development of General Capabilities.

“Personal and social capability assists students to become successful learners, helping to improve their

academic learning and enhancing their motivation to reach their full potential.  Personal and social

capabilities support students in becoming creative and confident individuals with ‘a sense of self worth,

self awareness and personal identity , that enables them to manage their emotional, mental, spiritual and

physical well being”.

(MCEETYA) The Melbourne Declaration on the Educational Goals for Young Australians.

Barwon Valley - SPEC School of Excellence 2018

“SPEC is a central part of the curriculum offered to students who are 15 years plus (MIPs eligibility) at

Barwon Valley Special Development School (BVS)  The programme has been running since 2013 and the

decision to implement it was based on the fact that it met s[specific criteria identified by the school as

being crucial for students in their senior years of schooling (that is, a curriculum framework that would

foster student engagement, family involvement, links to the community and a smooth transition

to adult life).

SPEC also aligns well with the school’s internal and external work experience programs, the Advance

program, the Bridge Award and. As mentioned above, our focus on maximising the student’s engagement

with the wider school community.  Recently the school aligned each of the SPEC modules to the Victorian

Curriculum Learning Areas and Capabilities.  SPEC also caters for our diverse range of students.

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We have designed, written and produced a new Reading Scheme for students who are not having success

in learning to read.  This highly structured approach provides a system that has proven success with students

who have experienced ‘failure’ many times, and lack the motivation to ‘try again’.

We now have a dedicated website

If you wish to place an order, you may do so through the new website.  Any Australian school will not be

charged VAT.  The invoice will be amended to reflect this.

Click the website to read more about this exciting new venture.

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