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The PINICLE and Headway programmes provide a relevant framework for students who require a modified

Curriculum and an alternative approach to learning.  Students on this programme will display a range of multiple

and/or complex learning needs and will be functioning at the Foundation or D and C levels of the curriculum.  They

are students who require ongoing intensive support with their learning throughout their schools years and beyond.

The Koala Quest and Koala Interest Modules are for younger students who may have become disengaged

with their learning or who display a range of learning needs to include multiple and/or complex needs.  

These programmes can be used to re-engage or provide personalised learning for students who require

an adapted curriculum and an alternative approach to learning.

The SPEC Reading Programme

SPEC also offers programmes for high schools for students who have become dis-engaged with their learning.  

This target group may display associated behavioural problems in class, have a high rate of non attendance

and be dis-engaged with their learning programme.

SPEC- Supported Preparation for Employment and Citizenship

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