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SPEC Reading - A fun way to teach reading

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SPEC has a new Reading Scheme, written and designed for students who have not learned to read through the usual

conventional methods.  The resources are suitable for any age group and indeed would be suitable for an adult

non -reader too.  The scheme provides a structured approach to word learning, sentence building and comprehension

exercises that are all relevant to the story line of the reading books.  There is a workbook for each of the reading


The reading books themselves have a sequential story line leaving a ‘cliff hanger’ on the last page of each book.

This motivates the reader to learn more words and read the next book to find out what happens next.

The first set of six reading books covers 100 words which are learned mainly through picture clues, with 90 of

the most commonly used words having a picture association.

The ‘starter’ packs include one reading book, one set of A5 discussion cards, and two sets of words and two

sets of pictures, enabling a whole variety of games to be played to ensure the words are learned thoroughly

before the student receives the reading book itself.

When student receive their first reading book, they will have success as the reading book only contains the first

set of 20 sight words they have learned.  The illustrations are paramount to enhance the story line and provide

discussion points as student and teachers/parents share the reading book together.

Click on each book cover to see the exciting story line and sample the illustrations.